60 Minute Makeover?

It seemed a simple idea at the time……….

We had a nomination from Brian House earlier in the year and, after talking to the mum, due to the pandemic decided to leave it till things became a bit more settled.

Kai, 1o, helps look after sister Violet, 8, who has multiple complex health problems and needs 24 hour care.  He’s a brilliant big brother and understands that Violet’s needs dominate family life.  Mum wasn’t sure what he would like to do but thought a ‘few bits’ for his bedroom would be well received and appreciated.  She sent us some photos of  the before  (very tidy) room to give us an idea of size and stuff and said he liked black and green and was a big Avengers fan.  He loves to read too.

So,  after much Googling and discussion

we decided on a bigger bookcase, some new storage and other bits n pieces.  It was going to be a surprise for Kai so all the assembling and preparation had to be done beforehand.

Building the bookcase
Our volunteers have to be versatile!


It's finished!
All done. Can we squeeze it in the car?
Storage units for Kai's room
More to squeeze in the car – storage units and the massive bean bag.


We managed to fit it all in to 2 cars and the 4 of us set off to Kai’s house where mum was ready and waiting.  Kai was a school so we didn’t have long to put everything together.  Somehow we did it!

Kia's bed.
Kai’s bed looking soopah cool with black bedding and Avengers cover


Avengers print and lamp and some of the storage units,.
New black curtains, Avengers lamp and print and some of the storage units.


All Kai's books
All of Kais’ books now on the new bookcase and more of the storage units with the black boxes.

Kai knew there was something going on when he came home – there were 4 strange people at the top of the stairs!  We explained that he’d been nominated for a ‘smile’ because he was the best brother ever and said there was a surprise behind his bedroom door.  To say he was at a loss for words would probably be an understatement.  Shocked, overwhelmed, pleased………………

Kai and Violet
Best brother ever, Kai and his beautiful sister Violet enjoying the new bean bag.


So – 60 Minute Makeover – move over – the Smile Team are here.  And Kai deserved a big treat.

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