Adapt and amend

Since the pandemic

we realise that we have to make some to changes to the way we work to still be able to make youngsters smile.  We now do our ‘Bags’ – Birthday, Christmas and ‘Just Because’ and our Awards.  We also just help people where we can.

We did just that by giving the Wade Hall Community Centre with their Christmas Sleep Over.  They believe that EVERY child should experience the magic of Christmas and a big part of that is lovely new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and so want local children to have a pair of new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. It’s not unreasonable or a lot to ask.  We were really happy to help.


Birthday Bag
Lucy from Derian House ready to take the BIrthday Bag to the Birthday Girl!


We had a Birthday Bag request from Derian House for a brilliant young girl who asks for nothing and expects even less.  We filled it full of girly goodies and took it to Derian House ready for the big day.

If you would like to help us in any way please contact us or visit our How You Can Help page.

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