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What’s new?

Well, to be honest not an awful lot as we are still in the hands of the pandemic and restrictions.  But there are, as we know, lights at the end of this long tunnel and I have two new referrals from Brian House in Blackpool. 

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Bags of Thanks

Birthday Bags   We have sent out a few Birthday Bags over the past weeks.  We still can’t really do any proper ‘smiles’ so this is sort of a ‘make do’ till things get better.  Though sometimes it seems like they never will get back

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Happy Birthday

Birthday Bags were delivered to our ‘smile’ youngsters: This lovely young lady accesses the sibling support at Derian House and it was her birthday so we made her smile with a bag full of girly goodies.   If you would like to help us supply

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Carers’ Week – Who cares?

It’s Carers’ Week! – and that includes our own young carers – the hidden army of workers who just get on with it and don’t complain.  Just watch this video.  It’ll touch your heart.

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We are so glad to be back!

Where have we been?

Yes, it’s been ages – since we ‘ve been around but now we are back.   We have had a bit of a sabbatical.  But, we have never stopped trying to help youngsters smile.  We’ve done quite a lot of funding – support workers have asked

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Oliver at the Trafford Centre on his shopping 'smile'.


Oliver, 11, is a lovely young man who has been through such a lot over the past couple of years. He lost his little sister, Abigail which caused massive upheaval and devastating sadness in the family. He wanted to spend some quality time with mum

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Pictures in Natalie's photo album after her make over and photo shoot.


Natalie was referred to us as she had been through a really tough time. She lost her brother which had obviously affected her and had other issues too including having to go and live with her gran and her dad getting ill. She was a

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David as Captain of the boat.


David helped look after his mum who had mental health issues. He helped around the house and supported mum with things like taking her medication. David needed something to look forward to and deserved a ‘thank you’.

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