What’s New?

We’ve come up with a new idea….. or two

Having spent the pandemic wondering if we will ever be able to do our proper ‘smiles’ again, we decided we had to come up with a Plan B.  The Plan B really came from the Birthday/Christmas Bag option.  Instead of waiting for a birthday or Christmas when a youngster needs a smile…………Why not do them ‘Just Because’?

Just Because

they have had a real tough time

they have got through something difficult with a smile

they don’t ever complain

they just get on with it

It’ll be a bag stuffed with personalised goodies a with the birthday and Christmas options but this time it’s Just Because……… they deserve it.


Following our ‘Just Because’ idea and, I must admit pinching the idea from something someone said, we have decided to also add an AWARD category.  This will be an award to say they are the Best Brother, Best Sister, Best Daughter, Best Son, Best Ever and the nominated youngster will receive a certificate to confirm that they are indeed the Best Ever and some vouchers.  We’ll either post it out as a surprise or we can deliver in person. We could even develop it into an Award Ceremony.

So the pandemic didn’t thwart us too much,  In fact, it may have done us a bit of a favour.

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