Phoebe was 4 when she was nominated. Her mum, Donna, had inoperable lung cancer and was in and out of hospital having treatment and tests. It was a really tough time for all the family and they all needed a ‘smile’. And the ‘smile’ was to be a Princess.

One sunny afternoon, two fairy godmothers went to Phoebe’s house laden with gifts – most of which were pink. Pink dress, pink shoes, pink bag, pink and silver tiara and bracelets. Phoebe became a pink princess. The fairy godmothers told Phoebe they were all going out and Phoebe said she wanted to go on the bus. This was a bit of a problem as there was a horse drawn carriage

coming up the road to take Princess Phoebe and her ladies in waiting out. As soon as she saw the carriage and the horse she forgot all about the bus and the Princess and her ladies in waiting – mum, Donna and grandma, Barbara climbed aboard to go to a surprise destination – MacDonalds! A welcoming committee awaited the royal party and they were shown to a VIP area in the restaurant whilst being applauded. A magical time for all which made everyone smile and left lifelong memories.

Sadly, Donna lost her life a short time after this. The memories still live on though as grandma Barbara contacted us after what would have been Donna’s 40th birthday.

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