Magic Moments

We had a special ‘smile’ earlier this week………

Brian House Children’s Hospice in Blackpool nominated Liv and her family.  Liv is 7 and has been really quite poorly for some months.  She’s been through some tough treatments with mum, dad and brother Ben alongside. She travelled every day from her home to Manchester Children’s Hospital – never complaining and being good as gold despite the treatment being something that adults would struggle with.

Harry Potter, unicorns and glitter

are pretty much Liv’s favourite things but try as we might to get Harry Potter or a unicorn for the day – we just couldn’t do it.  So, we organised a small family party with Liv as guest of honour and entertainment by super magician Brian Gore of Preston.  We got balloons and banners and food and decorated the room while Liv and family were at the park.

A room ready for magic
All decorated and now ready to party

When they all returned – mum, dad, Ben, aunties, uncles, grandparents and 3 cousins – Brian was all ready for the show.  With his trusty assistant, Maggie the rabbit, he entertained the whole family.  Liv laughed so much it was a joy to hear.

Liv at her party
Here is Liv almost falling off the table from laughing so much
Liv and co enjoying the show
Liv with brother, Ben and her cousins enjoying the magic show.

The sun was shining so they had the buffet in the garden and after that we gave each child a personalised goody bag.

Liv enjoying her chicken nuggets and pizza
Some of the goody bags
Some of the personalised goody bags for Liv’s 3 cousins
Unicorn bag full of goodies for Liv and others for Ben and her cousins









Brian Gore magician and entertainer – second to none!

A really memorable and joyous time for a special, brave little girl and her equally special and brave family,

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