What did we do in 2021?

What did we do?

Well – it started off slowly – it took until June before we did anything much.  We started off with Laila’s smile

Laila & mum in her special transport to take them to be pampered
Little girl with her mum inside a Cinderella carriage

Laila had some special ‘mum and me’ time when  they were picked up in a Cinderella carriage and Laila had a small pamper at a local beauty salon.

This smile was followed by the lovely Liv who was very very poorly

Liv and co enjoying the show
Liv with brother, Ben and her cousins enjoying the magic show.

Along with her family, Liv enjoyed a magic show at home followed by a buffet of pizza, chicken nuggets, crisps, sweets  (nothing healthy obviously!).  A magical afternoon for a magical and special young girl.

The next ‘smile’ took over our house as it was a mini bedroom makeover for Kai

Kai and Violet
Best brother ever, Kai and his beautiful sister Violet enjoying the new bean bag.

He was at a loss for words when he came home from school to new bedding, curtains, bookcase, storage and loads of Avenger bits n pieces.

The year has seen us give out 4 of our WOW awards to youngsters who have got through a tougher time than usual.  They varied from being the ‘Best Brother in the whole world’ to being the ‘Bravest young girl going’.

We gave out 3 ‘Just Because’ bags – they are really what it says on the can.  Just Because the youngster needs a bit of something nice to make them smile.

Tomas and his 'Just Because' BAg of goodies

And we finished 2021 giving 22 Christmas Bags.  They went to boys and girls ranging from 5 to 17 years – all of whom received an exclusive, extraordinary, individual and very special bag full of goodies.

Elliot Xmas Bag
A lovely smile from Elliot when he received his Christmas Bag.

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