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Birthday Bags


We have sent out a few Birthday Bags over the past weeks.  We still can’t really do any proper ‘smiles’ so this is sort of a ‘make do’ till things get better.  Though sometimes it seems like they never will get back to what used to be normal.

But – this is what Rosie from Derian House said about a couple of bags we have sent recently.  It makes it worthwhile and make us realise that small things matter too.

Our sibling wanted me to pass on huge thanks for her birthday bag.  She said the gifts were so thoughtful and exactly what she loves.  She has had a hard time recently and was so made up that you took the time to shop and celebrate her birthday with her.  She said it was such a lovely surprise and to think that someone else thinks about her was very special.

I am dropping another bag off today.  Spoke to her Mum this morning and she wanted me to pass on her thanks too and said that it will make the day even more special getting gifts from someone who was thinking of her.

Huge thank you to everyone at Miles of Smiles, especially you.

If you would like to sponsor a Birthday Bag (£25) please contact us.

Bday Cake
Happy Birthday


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