Covid ‘n Christmas

What have we been up to recently?

I have to be honest – not an awful lot.  The pesky pandemic has put paid to our ability to be able to organise any proper smiles and our fundraising and donations have come to a bit of a standstill.  So – we have a plan to fill some Christmas bags with goodies to send to youngsters nominated by Derian House and Barnardo’s.

Massive Thank You!

To help us do this – we have been awarded £500 from Progress Housing Group and their Community Investment Fund.  This will make such an enormous difference to how many bags we can fill and how many youngsters we can help smile.  Many of them have a pretty bleak unfestive festive season without the pandemic but this year they aren’t able to have any parties or go on any trips as they normally would so it’s bleaker than ever for them.  It’s been a tough year for everyone but must be particularly tough for youngsters caring for a mum or dad every day.  Hopefully, we can make it a bit more of a jolly time.

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