Everyone’s a Winner

We have to say a massive THANK YOU

to Progress Housing as they have been the best support ever!  In April, we won a Bronze award in the Progress Community Champions category.  We were up against some really tough competition – local people who have really helped, supported and been general good eggs in the community – so it was really humbling to be included in those.

Then in May we entered the Soup Dragon’s Den event (on Zoom).   We had to do a five minute pitch talking about what we do.  Sticking to just the five minutes was really tough as we have such a lot to tell but there were about 13 seconds to spare.  Again, we were up against some really fantastic causes run by determined, good hearted, resilient people.  Guests were invited and everyone on the Zoom had a vote.  The cause with the most votes won.  And that – was us.  We won £500 which will go such a long way to help us try and put smiles on faces.  We are over the moon and need to thank Progress Housing so much for being a great support to us.

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