It’s Been a While

Yes, it’s been a while but things are looking up

Though it seems to be taking an age – restrictions are a easing somewhat and with easing of restrictions we can think about making youngsters smile again.

And that’s just what we have started to do……..

Laila, 8, nominated by Brian House in Blackpool, is a lovely young girl.  She has an older sister, Georgia who has a neurological condition which means she needs 24 hour care from mum and dad.  One of Georgia’s favourite things to do is go out in the car for a drive round so much of Laila’s time is spent doing just that.  Simple things like just going into a shop with Georgia isn’t easy but Laila never complains.  It’s the way it is.  Mum said she would like a bit of special ‘Mum and Laila’ time so we arranged for them to go to a beauty salon and for Laila to have a bit of girly glamour.  We had already sent her a voucher for Primark so she could buy something nice to wear on her special day.  To try and make it a bit more memorable, we arranged for them to go in a Cinderella carriage.

The sun was shining……….

it was a glorious day and there were plenty of smiles – not just from Laila but mum and dad too.

And mum said afterwards:

Laila's mum's thank you to us.

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