Where have we been?

Yes, it’s been ages –

since we ‘ve been around but now we are back.   We have had a bit of a sabbatical.  But, we have never stopped trying to help youngsters smile.  We’ve done quite a lot of funding – support workers have asked for help with things like school uniforms, vouchers for clothes, help towards school trips…………….. really quite basic stuff.  We’ve done some Birthday Bags and recently, started to do a few shopping ‘smiles’.  It started us thinking again, how brill it would to make youngsters smile again.  So – here we are.  I have to admit, this isn’t the best time to start, the pandemic has put paid to us doing any actual ‘smiles’ and it seems that – right now – just about everyone is supporting the NHS who are seeing us through this dreadful time.  But we are in a bit of a ‘between a rock and a hard place’ kind of situation really.  Until we have raised a bit of cash we can’t do too many smiles.  It’s a toughie.  So we need help …………

But – with a new website, a new Trustee, Katie and hopefully, a whole bunch of new supporters who will help us make these deserving children smile – we will soon be right back where we left off – and there will be loads and loads of smiles just like in the picture.

Fun at Pizza Hut
Fun at Pizza Hut

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